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Critters in the Mist (2017)

Album  |   Concentric Circus

In 2017 we released the sophmore Concentric Circus album, Critters in the Mist. A longer, more-developed album than their debut.

There are eleven songs on Critters in the Mist they range from psychedelic rock (Cinders and Embers), breezy 60s inspired pop (All the Bones in Your Wings, Cycles), Piano-led epics (Parasite on God's Body, Body of Water) and un-epics (Changes), slow quiet songs that erupt and crescendo (All of You, Beauty), assaultive-alternative (Pareidolia) and soft acoustic campfire plucking (Fire). Then there's the title track, which is like a thesis for all these things. A celebratory song that is also sorrowful and mournful.


Things hide in these songs. Sometimes in plain sight.

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