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Hinterborough (2021)

Short Film | 10min 34sec | English |  Michael Rostig

'Hinterborough, or the autonomous municipality of Hinterborough, billed itself as 'a slice of provincial England off the coast of Australia' and that it was... for many.'

Hinterborough started as a work about the hubristic practices of orthodoxy and conservatism. Depicting an 'idealised' village burning due to its inept governance. Sadly, during the construction of this work it went from being a metaphorical piece to a much more literal one, in the wake of the devastating bushfires. Simultaneously, it went from being a humanitarian work about people having to work together to being an overtly political one.

Hinterborough was constructed by Michael Rostig between 2018-2020 and was submitted as an art piece at several art shows. This film was made to spread the message contained within the artwork and has been described as a 'captivating' and 'profound' piece of work.

Rostig_Hinterborough_3 -medium shot.jpg
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