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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

The song All the Bones in Your Wings might be the poppiest of songs I've ever written. It gets pretty lush towards the end especially.

I'd been trying to finish this song for awhile but was getting nowhere fast... then the power went out (across the whole state).

Without much to do, my street flooded, all distractions turned off. I sat down at the piano and wrote a portion of this song by candlelight. I got stuck again rather quickly. The same night I worked out the final touches of Body of Water, Parasite on God's Body and Changes but those were much closer to completion (and so much closer to my wheelhouse) than this one was.

Sometime after I had finished working on the others I decided to go to bed. I was fast asleep when there was intense banging on the door. I could see the entire front room of the house was illuminated. I walked to the door and when I answered it I could only see an intense light. A police officer stood at my door, soaking wet. I could see the road flooded out. Police officers with equally powerful torches went from house to house over his shoulder.

'Sir! Are there any people on life support or vulnerable people living in this house?'

I do consider myself vulnerable at times but I doubt that's what he meant.

'No, why?'

'It is not safe for them to stay! They'd need to be evacuated!' As he finished this last sentence he turned and walked away. As if I were in a terrible film, I called out to him.

'Will I be?'

He either didn't hear or laughed to himself.

I was now awake again, aware of the pounding rain on the roof I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep. I absconded back to the piano room and managed to finish writing the song in no time.

Funnily, the song doesn't have any piano in it at all.

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