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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

This is the music video I made for my song Ampersand and Sand, the title track from the upcoming debut album from Concentric Circus. The song is a piano ballad song about the future, past and recurring history but the video is what I want to write about.

The video uses various Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and animates them in a slow motion effect with subtle camera moves. What is truly exciting about the video for me is to bring to life my favourite kind of art from art history.

Ukiyo-e prints are not an unknown quantity, the most famous of them The Great Wave Off Kanagawa is now considered the most reproduced artwork of all time (if not just one of). However it is my belief that people associate this style with a cartoony aesthetic that is not as in-depth nor as impressive as European artists of the same period. Which I think is ludicrous.

Hokusai's, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

It should be said that the Impressionists were greatly influenced by the ukiyo-e style. However, this idea that the aesthetic of the pictures somehow makes them less important artistically is dumb. Not just because the work involved with making them, as this guide I found online shows.

The point is these beautiful pictures are under-appreciated and I hope my video and song can be even a fraction of their beauty.

Thanks for reading this, don't forget you can listen to Ampersand and Sand on Spotify and Apple Music or listen/download/buy a physical copy on Bandcamp.

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