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Today we release into the world Critters in the Mist the second Concentric Circus album. The follow-up to Ampersand and Sand. A longer, more-developed album, at times while making it it started to feel sprawling.

Last week we released a lyric video for lead single 'Pareidolia' which you can see here also.

In fitting with the theme of Pareidolia (a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see faces in random stimuli) we used Giuseppe Arcimboldo's 16th century pareidolic paintings as images for each of the songs.

If you look long enough at anything, something hidden will reveal itself. Like something hiding in the mist.

There are eleven songs on Critters in the Mist they range from psychedelic rock (Cinders and Embers), breezy 60s inspired pop (All the Bones in Your Wings, Cycles), Piano-led epics (Parasite on God's Body, Body of Water) and un-epics (Changes), slow quiet songs that erupt and crescendo (All of You, Beauty), assaultive-alternative (Pareidolia) and soft acoustic campfire plucking (Fire). Then there's the title track, which is like a thesis for all these things. A celebratory song that is also sorrowful and mournful.

Things hide in these songs. Sometimes in plain sight.

The cover looks quite alien, sparse and almost completely blank. It's a manipulation of this picture to the right.

The suggestion of a flame on an already desolate landscape, there's almost nothing there.

The recording was done almost completely digitally. In a tiny space with me playing nearly everything. Sometimes my cat, Potato, would visit too. Live drums for all but two songs and a myriad of other instruments.

Notable, is the help of Matthew Kearney who played Tenor Saxophone on the title track and Jesse Miller who played guitar on Cinders and Embers and Pareidolia.

In addition to Jesse Miller playing on these songs he also mixed and mastered the album and made it sound so much better. Please check out his Colorwheel Studios and the bands The Curiously Strong Peppermints, Mine and Awkward Bodies each of which he is a member of.

...and of course what would this be without a plug. You can buy a physical copy of Critters in the Mist here: https://concentriccircus.bandcamp.com/merch

Because you can get the album digitally for free I don't expect you to get one but if you do want one they're available. They come with a handcut, photocopied lyric sheet, an individual drawing and a code to get a bonus album of off-cuts and demoes.

All wrapped up by one or two frames of the Things (That Light the Way) hand-drawn video.

Thanks for reading this, don't forget you can listen to Critters in the Mist on Spotify and Apple Music or listen/download/buy a physical copy on Bandcamp.

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