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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

I'm not going to write too much about this just because I literally stole a Simpsons joke and edited it into the film. There are a few things that made it a slightly more difficult task. The scene is long (for what it is) and I didn't want the shot to start with Scarlett's 'Where shall I go? What shall I do?' line. This means a lot of cuts to get it into the 39 seconds here AND a lot of cheating on the temporal continuity aspects of things.

The most jarring cut in the whole thing is when we go from this medium shot to this closeup. I cut out all of Clark Gable's dialogue and it goes straight the Vivian Leigh's 'I love you'. What salvages it someone, is the audio edit. I picked the moment as best as I could to get the cut where the music wouldn't end mid phrase and the 'I love you's little musical rest seems to almost fit. It bares repeating that I'm often only using stereo mixes of these so I can't make changes to individual tracks in isolation.

From here there's an edit that I asked people if they noticed an no one did. It's pretty jarring for me and there was an alternative I saw that I could have done but I wanted the whole thing to be pretty short so I did it this way:

By the time I cut to Vivian Leigh running down the staircase (it bears mentioning that she hasn't even begun to move on the reverse shot) that Clark Gable is only on the third step from the top. In the reverse shot immediately after he's already gone from the stairs. The reason not everyone notices this is because you get swept up somewhat in the moment, everything is in motion and I continued the audio from Clarke Gable's descent over the top of Vivian Leigh's before slowly fading it out. There isn't an audio cut on the visual cut.

It's by no means seamless but it'll do.

Director Cuts is a series we do whenever we're not too busy with other video work. It's a fun exercise in trying to take pre-existing footage and edit it into something somewhat coherent.

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