Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Friend of Three Pronged Widget, How Am I Looking?, created this musical adaptation of the Shel Silverstein poem Long Leg Lou & Short Leg Sue:

Long-Leg Lou and Short-Leg Sue Went for a walk down the avenue, Laughin’ and jokin’ like good friends do, Long-Leg Lou and Short-Leg Sue. Says Long-Leg Lou to Short-Leg Sue, “Can’t you walk faster than you do? It really drives me out of my mind That I’m always in front, and you’re always behind.”

Says Short-Leg Sue to Long-Leg Lou, “I walk as fast as I’m meant to do.” “Then I’ll go walkin’ with someone new,” Says Long-Leg Lou to Short-Leg Sue.

Now Long-Leg Lou, he walks alone, Looking for someone with legs like his own, And sometimes he thinks of those warm afternoons Back when he went walkin’ with Short-Leg Sue. And Short-Leg Sue strolls down the street Hand in hand with Slow-Foot Pete, And they take small steps and they do just fine, And no one’s in front and no one’s behind.

I made this cute music video for it, complete with these Mary Blair inspired houses:

If you like them check out the print options for this picture on Redbubble.

Don't forget to also check out the How Am I Looking? Bandcamp page.

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