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New Site

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Here's the new site for Three Pronged Widget.

We're going to be growing our catalog substantially this year and diversifying our content at the same time. We have ongoing series coming out that are informative (Toil), creative (The Storyteller), entertaining (Condiment Cast) and satirical (Genuine Conspiracies). We also intend to release three short films this year in the form of Reynaud, Bristlecone and Hinterborough. In addition to these release we are likely going to be putting out the new Concentric Circus album, A Mess of Bees, somewhere in the middle of the year.

Please come back from time to time to get updates. Or subscribe on Youtube or even add your email to the subscription at the bottom of this page, we'll email you a quarterly newsletter.

No matter what you do, keep being cool.

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