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This is a video for the song 'Radiation' from Ampersand and Sand. It's the shortest song on the album and the one with, probably, the most abrupt changes.

No one has mentioned this song to me, since I released the album, but I find it to be one of my personal favourites. I like the short nature of it, the easy melody, my high and low vocal mixing reasonably well. Thematically it is like a thesis statement for the rest of the record.

The video is just some simple manipulations of the watercolour paintings I did for the cover art. The first of which is from the front cover. If you look closely and compare you'll notice some difference between this initial painting and the final front cover (and not just the yellow background). Take, for instance, the extra leaves that come up over the bottom few flytrap-heads, they aren't present here. They're actually just the top two leaves doubled and placed in a position so that they can be 'dropped' in this video. Then, where possible, I isolated the flower heads so that I could pin them and puppet them individually. Allowing them to open and close at the beginning of the video. I used this same method with the next two pictures too.

A friend of mine likes to point out that flying eyeballs seem to be a bit of a motif for me. It's not the most typical of muses but I'll take it. These were made the same way as the previous picture. Isolate the images and manipulate them so they bend in a flying fashion. I like the feathers floating on a seperate layer behind the eyes. Not as gracefully as I'd like but I'll take it.

Finally, the smokestack spider walking towards the camera in the final shot. I must have been lazy on this day because I cut the legs down from eight to six.

Rather than bending the smoke to simulate it, I used a slow 'ripple' effect to keep it in somewhat natural motion. It is on screen so little that I think it works effectively.

Thanks for reading this, don't forget you can listen to Ampersand and Sand on Spotify and Apple Music or listen/download/buy a physical copy on Bandcamp.

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