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'Reynaud' - Short Film Update

My upcoming short film, Reynaud, is back in production after busy months of cuttlefish, sliced up heads, building projections, film festival productions and judging, alien invasions and tremelo-ed guitars.

The story is a very simple one following the life and exploits of pre-film animation pioneer Charles-Émile Reynaud, an inventor whose experiments with persistence of vision produced one of the earliest 'cinemas' - the Theatre Optique. Where the works were presented more as a novelty magic trick than a piece of art.

The above in-progress image (and the one below) are not of the Theatre Optique though, they are of the grand original Gaumont Theatre; the Parisian paragon of early film. France is, of course, the birthplace of cinema and in no place was it more grandly celebrated than in this beautiful cinema. I'm using the grandiosity of this filmic stalwart to juxtapose to the relative 'jankiness' of the Theatre Optique. The Optique was still running at the time but in the wake of the invention of film was not considered anywhere near as revolutionary as it once was.

You can see here a rough glimpse of the 'jittery-watercolour' look that the film will have. This ever moving, changing rough-ness (and the use of the academy aspect ratio) will give them film less of a digital, overly clean look...


More updates to come.

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