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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Here is the music video for the song 'Shadows' off of the Concentric Circus album Ampersand and Sand.

I made this late one night in my school classroom (I'm a part-time teacher). Earlier that day we were having a 'Science Day' at school. There I was, knowing I had a song called 'Shadows' waiting in the wings for my debut album and the perfect opportunity arose to film a video. Luckily my class were the last ones to do shadow puppetry that day and as a result, teachers being the way we are, the shadow puppet theatre would be left in my room overnight. The idea was hatched in my mind, I would return that night and make a video no matter how late I had to stay.

I walked home, packed my bag with food, skewers, split-pins, camera and cardboard and I walked back to school.

I taped green paper over the many many windows in my classroom, blared some music and started to piece together the parts of the video. I was there for hours. At one point while I was throwing cellophane with reckless abandon onto a transparent sleeve (at 2:00 minutes in). A security guard barged into the room and the room suddenly felt very quiet and awkward.

"What are you doing?"

I thought for a long while, knowing full well there was nothing wrong with me being there. I finally managed to explain in a way that didn't seem ridiculous and he left and wished me well.

Eventually I was finished, I packed up everything into my bag, took a sigh and walked out into the, now incredibly dark, night. I passed some aggressive drunk guys out the front of a nearby pub but didn't mind. I walked an hour to get home, feeling like it was the most productive evening for a long time.

Thanks for reading this, don't forget you can listen to Ampersand and Sand on Spotify and Apple Music or listen/download/buy a physical copy on Bandcamp.

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