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So many things happening...

Right now you can sign up to our new interactive fiction newsletter at - an exciting (or silly but definitely experimental) work in progress where individual subscribers have to power to vote and suggest the outcomes and incidents of the story. A really strange idea that we hope will have legs. Hop on now for free and join in the action. Right now you get to join in and make exciting choices regarding the different starting locations of characters (oh, and who the characters are too).

We are also nearing a launch date for our ongoing YouTube series 'Genuine Conspiracies with Benedict and Brick' where two animated brothers have really drunk the Kool Aid and belive in any outlandish, unsubstantiated rumour that has ever been presented online; skewering, through depiction, the insane rhetoric of the online masses. You can subscribe in anticipation here:

It was also nice to win the Unearth Festival‘s poster competition this year. My BIG guy has been printed in all different colours and plastered around the town. Really proud of this illustration which is inspired by old Little Gold Book stories as well as Miroslav Säsek and even a little bit of Mary Blair. I’m hoping, pandemic permitting, that I can get back to my home town for the festivities this year. There are so many great acts and a heck of a line-up of performers coming to town. See more about it here:

Finally, after such a heartbreaking series of (mainly pandemic related) missteps in finishing the short film of my huge balsa-based installation piece ‘Hinterborough’ it looks as though filming will finally be going ahead in late March/Early April. The absolutely incontrovertible, consummate media specialist Stu Nankivell of Blue Goanna Digital will be the director of photography and camera operator. It‘s a true privilege to be working with him again. The film, about the ways a hubristic community ignored the real catastrophic issues that were confronting them and instead focused on small less significant ones, will hopefully be released by the middle of this year. Hopefully, in an Australia that hosts a more empathetic and accountable government.

We also are now accepting donations through the 'Buy me a Coffee' platform. We tend to create a lot of things for free including in collaboration with artists we work with and as a result. Usually are running this company at a loss. We would love if you were to donate some small amount to help us keep going.

Some people ask you to ’buy artists a coffee’ we prefer the idea that we’d get ‘spooked by money’… simply because it would be a surprise.

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