Southwest Contemporary Video Show

Most probably inspired by the closures and devastation currently haunting the arts sector at the moment, Andrew Petrusevics has curated a video show for the Southwest Contemporary gallery on Sturt St in Adelaide. It was my honour to produce a piece of work as one of the fourteen artists involved in this project.

Picture courtesy of Southwest Contemporary's Facebook page

My piece, called 'Threnody', is something of an abstracted depiction of the chaos and instability I hear everyone expressing throughout their experiences with 2020 and maybe a little bit of guilt that you've got it better than a lot of other people out there.

If you have the time and means, please go see the show either from the street or the comfort of your car. It is running through this month Wednesday until Sunday starting at 6pm and finishing at 12am.

Visit the Southwest Contemporary website or facebook page for more info.

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