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Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Det Sjunde Inseglet is a masterpiece. Neither my favourite movie, nor my favourite Ingmar Bergman film (that would be a combined spot between Wild Strawberries and Persona) but it definitely looms large in his legend and is an exceptional film.

It is about a somewhat cynical knight returning from the crusades to find his homeland destroyed by the plague. Death appears to him at the very beginning of the film and he, trying to prolong the time before Death can take him, challenges Death to a game of chess.

The continue their game throughout the film as the knight, Antonius Block, travels through the countryside meeting people as he goes. By the end of the film, Death finally takes him.

It is a contemplative film, quiet, thoughtful and sorrowful. Some say boring, for those people I added an exciting 80s style montage with a piece of rock music I made for it. I think it comes up quite well, though the film would be considerably shorter it might hold some of those naysayers attention. Also it's always fun to put incorrect subtitles at the bottom of a screen.

Director Cuts is a series we do whenever we're not too busy with other video work. It's a fun exercise in trying to take pre-existing footage and edit it into something somewhat coherent.

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