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Updated: Sep 29, 2018

The first of The The films. I made three short films in this series called The Switch, The Door and The Divergence. The idea of these films was to make short films that were completely unplanned and made on the fly with no specific ideas, then edited together within a couple of hours.

The Switch is probably the best of the three as it has something of a plot. My friend Nick and I were on a hiking/camping vision quest. Along that path we found a burnt-out shell of a car in which Nick found the titular switch. In one shot I got him to turn it in his hand. Later, when I edited it together finding the time-travel conceit, I wished I filmed him doing it more than once so it wasn't the same shot over and over.

I put together the film and it aired at the Whyalla Stories event in 2015.

Here are some pictures from said vision quest:

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