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Whyalla Film Festival - 60 Second Film Festival - Winning Short Film

My short film 'Daylight Robbery' was shot quickly in February on my phone to be screened at the Whyalla Film Festival. However, as with most things this year, the event didn't go to plan and was pushed back due to the global pandemic. Here it is:

The rules of the competition stipulated that the film had to be shot and edited entirely on a phone - which is much more challenging than I thought it would be to make it look good. It also had to be under sixty seconds (minus credits) I hastily wrote a script and drew up an animatic:

I conned some friends into appearing in the movie and we then quickly threw together a set and got shooting. Getting a lot of mileage out of all the random pieces of paper that we printed out.

The final version came out pretty close to the animatic.

All this being said, it was pretty surprising when the postponed Whyalla Film Festival did get staged and we found out that ours was the winning entry. Unfortunately I couldn't be there but was happy to accept the win from Michal Hughes and the other members of WFF committee.

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