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Updated: May 24, 2019

As part of the Whyalla film festival a long term project of Three Pronged Widget's will be screened, but not inside.

This project was in collaboration with the Whyalla City Council and Illuminart. Illuminart are experts in all things projected. This work which will be projected onto the side of the Middleback Arts Centre at night, forming a symbiotic relationship with the building as if it were always part of it. Whyalla Weirdness is a part of the grander project by Illuminart called Port to Port an ambitious and exciting project that endeavours to weave historical tales of South Australian places and people with modern technological and artistic developments.

As for the stories in Whyalla Weirdness there are some strange ones; a man with a store of treasures... and snakes, an ether covered merman and a whole slew of ghastly gentlemen competing to be considered the ugliest.

Feel free to come along for Whyalla Weirdness for no charge between the two film sessions when the sun goes down. You should also go see the film sessions, particularly the locally made short features. One co-produced by friend of Three Pronged Widget, Claire Glenn, the other a fantastic stop motion animated film by Richard Parker.

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